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 Sunday, 09 April 2006
Sunday, 09 April 2006 19:51:52 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )


  • My Grandmother had a heart attack over the holidays and goes downhill until she passes away at the end of the month. She was an incredibly wonderful person, and I’m very sad to see her go.
  • I’ve discovered (back in Dec) that the “update” of my Business Objects books is actually a rewrite. I’m saving less than 25% of any chapter and nothing in most chapters. To meet the original deadlines ('cause I was dumb enough not to change them) I’m working insanely long hours.
  • I’ve developed a twitch in my right eye, mostly due to the hours spent working on the books. We’re talking 16-18 hour days trying to keep on schedule. I think the twitch also has something to do with my Grandmother’s downward slide health-wise.
  • I speak at events in Charleston and San Francisco.
  • My wife and I see a play at the Guthrie. It is their last season in the current theatre, so there’s a constant undercurrent due to that – not unpleasant really, more like the actors and everyone is putting in extra effort to make these last few plays memorable.
  • My employer throws a holiday party in Minneapolis, which is a lot of fun. They also throw one in San Francisco while I’m out there, so I get to attend both – very cool! (yes, I know work functions can be a drag, but my employer is very cool and I like the people in the company, so I genuinely enjoy these events.)



  • I speak in Chicago
  • My Grandmother’s funeral is that next week on Friday
  • On Saturday I fly to Sydney to speak. 18 hours in coach, plus some layover time and a slow flight due to winds means 25 hours of travel – oy!
  • Worst of all, my Mother’s kidneys shut down right before the funeral. My parents couldn’t make the funeral. The doctors can’t figure out the cause, and run test after test, all the while trying to restart the kidneys.
  • On the upside, by the end of the month the C# book is in the final stages and I’m spending more normal hours (like 10 hour days) in front of the screens. And my eye twitch has slowly gone away.
  • My employer gives us all Xbox 360’s as a holiday gift. We knew about these earlier, but it took this long to actually get them due to the high demand…



  • I speak in Minneapolis, Little Rock and Boston
  • Tax time. Several of the organizations I write or speak for sent me payments in the last week of December, making planning hard, so I got burned a little. That’s the drawback with working for so many different organizations, it makes the finances very complex.
  • My Mother’s kidney problem turns out to be cancer-related. The kidneys aren’t restarting, and chemo is required for the cancer – things are bleak.
  • The upside of speaking in Boston is that some of my very best friends in the world live in the area. I blogged about our weekend of gaming already, but that was a much needed break from everything else that’s been going on.
  • My wife and I went to see Hamlet at the Guthrie. The last play in their current theatre. It was absolutely incredible! Apparently Hamlet was the first play ever performed in this theatre (many, many years ago), and it was also the last. The actors put their hearts into the performance and it was stunning. Especially the actor who played Hamlet, who did such a spectacular job!
  • The C# book is out in paper form – yea! Finishing up the VB edition.



  • I speak in Orlando
  • I brought my family to Orlando with me. It was spring break for the kids and I have lots of airline miles to cash out, so it worked well. We went to Disney a couple days and spent lots of time at the pool. And these conference hotels have awesome pools!! And my speaking went well, so it was a great trip.
  • When we got home we discovered that the lower level of our house was partially flooded because a pump had jammed. Desperate times ensue, as we scramble to save our possessions by moving half our house into the other half (including my office and server closet). Then more desperate times as we scramble to save the structure (walls and so forth), and carpets. Partial success: we saved two large carpets, but lost two smaller ones. We saved most of the walls, but my son’s room lost two walls and my office door frame is warped and will have to be replaced.
  • So this coming week, before my spring travel really starts in earnest, I’ll be building two walls for my son’s room. Actually they have to be done by next Monday morning, as that’s when people are coming to lay the new carpet…
  • On the upside, the VB book went to print, so it should be out within 2 weeks – yea!


And to think, the year isn’t even 1/3 done yet… I really hope things calm down relatively soon, as I can do without this much intensity. No hope in sight though, as between now and mid-June I’m traveling to Chicago, Nice, Oslo, Orlando, Redmond, Boston and Las Vegas at a minimum. Given the destinations though, it is hard to complain :)

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