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 Wednesday, 29 December 2004
Wednesday, 29 December 2004 23:09:58 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

Here's a blog thread about the ACLU being anti-Christian. Presumably those who think that would also think that the NRA is pro-Christian. Same warped perspective... It is just the flip-side of the same warped perspective...

I find it terribly and darkly amusing that here we have two organizations who's primary purpose is to protect we the people from government abuse or destruction of the Bill of Rights. Of course the ACLU has chosen (for whatever reason) to defend the First and the Third through Tenth amendments, while the NRA has decided that only the Second really matters.

By all rights, if you donate money to the NRA you should donate 9 times as much to the ACLU. Conversely, if you donate money to the ACLU you should donate another 10% to the NRA. That way you are funding coverage of the whole Bill of Rights rather than some distorted subset.

Personally, I own guns to hunt. But I find some comfort in knowing that I could also use them to defend my First Amendment rights in some alternate reality where we didn’t have the ACLU to help protect them through less violent means.

So we start with this warped perspective on the Bill of Rights and the organizations that defend some of them. Add to this mix the really warped perspective that somehow owning guns is a Christian value, and having freedom of religion and/or speech is anti-Christian.

Say what?

Christians enjoy freedom of religion at least as much as any of the rest of us. Arguably they enjoy it more – for two reasons. First, there are more Christians (counting all flavors) than any other religion in the US. Second, there are more Christian flavors/dialects/dogmas than you can count, and many of them dislike each other. Each little sect of US Christianity needs the First Amendment to protect them against all the other “whacko-fake-Christians” out there.

Unfortunately people just don’t stop and think this through. Most people seem to blindly assume that the rest of the country approves of their weird religious practices (of whatever type), and assumes that any they are protected. But they really aren’t – at least not without some organization specifically geared toward fighting for their rights. And that organization is the ACLU (and others of course, but they are the big one).

Some Christians also like to own guns. As do many non-Christians. Of course there are a whole lot of Christians who find gun ownership to be a horrific thought. They are staunch opponents of gun ownership, and thus the Second Amendment. Here too, anyone who assumes their rights are safe just aren’t paying attention. Without organizations such as the NRA we’d be in trouble.

Not that the ACLU and NRA are perfect. They are human organizations and thus are totally fallible. They screw up and become myopic as much as anyone. The NRA does tend to be worse than the ACLU this way, because they are more myopic to start with. They give money to politicians who support guns, even if those politicians directly oppose freedom of speech. What a totally counter-productive thing to do. What’s the point of having guns if I don’t have freedom of speech and religion?!?

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