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 Sunday, 17 April 2005
Sunday, 17 April 2005 16:40:32 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )
After six weeks of being on the road with perhaps 48 hours between trips here and there I am finally home for three weeks before my next trip. I already feel almost infinitely better than I did just yesterday, because I'm actually here for a while. No worries about having to leave again in just a day or two.
The kids are happy. Today we got the bikes out of the shed, pumped up the tires, oiled the chains and off they went up and down the street.
They also helped me finish cleaning out the shed and rearranging for summer. It is kind of like the Transformers, as the shed is transformed from Winter-mode into Summer-mode. The snowblower goes in the back, the lawn mower in the front. The sleds and winter gear is packed away and the camping and fishing gear is put out where it is easy to find.
Same with the garage. Though that is a bigger issue. We really need to have a garage sale or something. Unfortunately I doubt that too many people will be interested in obsolete computer parts (some of which I saw on display at the Computer Museum in Silicon Valley), and random electronic parts from Radio Shack. Of course those parts are also artifacts of a bygone era when Radio Shack actually sold resistors, transistors, switches, boards and all the other bits and pieces a person might want. Now days they are just a botique version of Best Buy - firmly illustrating that no one will actually want all those old bits and pieces I have in my garage...
Then we went to Target. The kids are very excited about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Almost as excited as their father :) and they wanted to check out the new action figures. Unfortunately there were no clone troopers to be had, so my oldest settled for a battle droid and the youngest decided (reluctantly) to save his money for something bigger and better later.
On the way home we stopped by the local beach to see what was up. Lots of boats on the lake, lots of people in the park, but the water is still too cold for swimming. I think they officially open the beaches on Memorial Day weekend, but odds are the water will be warm enough earlier than that. In any case, the kids played in the park for a while and I caught a cat nap in the truck. I did, after all, get up at 4:30 AM to make my flight home this morning.
In about half an hour my wife and I are off to see a play. We had to reschedule it because I was out of town when we had the tickets, and tonight is the last night of the show. We have season tickets though, so they are pretty good about rescheduling.
There's a whole story there too, which I'll relate since I'm in a rambling mood. About 13 years ago when we knew we were going to become parents my wife's co-workers firmly told her that life was over. That she and I would never again go out, have fun or do anything enjoyable. Nice people. Coincidentally at the same time, my employer had a deal where we could get a discount on season tickets to the most prominent theater in Minneapolis - the Guthrie. So I bought season tickets, thus ensuring that we would in fact have dates and get out together, baby or no baby.
It worked so well, that we've continued to get season tickets ever since. The Guthrie really is a good theater, and we thoroughly enjoy the plays every year. A few years ago I flew to Sydney, Australia. On the flight home I sat next to a guy and we got talking. He was from New York, but he'd heard of the Guthrie and was quite appreciative of the quality of their productions. I thought it rather impressive that some random New Yorker had not only heard of the Guthrie in general, but knew quite a bit of detail about it and held such a high opinion. Kind of cool.
Of course tomorrow I must work. I have six weeks of backlog of other work that was difficult or impossible to do while on the road. I have publishers breathing down my neck on a couple different projects... Short deadlines loom large in my future. But at least the long days required to meet them will be spent at home rather than in some random hotel room in some random city.
Just sitting here, I feel my spirit recharging and my mood lifting higher and higher.
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