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 Wednesday, 03 August 2005
Wednesday, 03 August 2005 16:26:14 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

The Constitution protects us from Government, not Corporations. Case in point, your employer can now prohibit you from interacting with your co-workers on off-hours!

Yes, that's right. That time when you think you are free from work. When you think you are your own person. Well, it turns out that you are merely corporate property even then.

Sure you are (relatively) safe from the government. Free to have a drink, to associate with people you choose and even to say what ever you'd like with precious few limits.

But you aren't free to drink, interact or talk freely unless you have permission from your employer. And the Constitution won't help you. Quitting might not even help you - for two reasons. First, the employer might attempt to prove your fraternization started before you quit, in which case they could still sue your ass. Second, unless you won the lottery you'll still need an income, so you'll need to find another employer. And guess what? They have the same stranglehold over your life.

Too bad the government can't help us out here... They can you say? True, in theory the government can regulate business in ways that protect our basic civil rights. But no Republican will ever go there, because it automatically means bigger government and more regulation. And the government continues to be dominated by those pro-corporate concerns.

I have two observations about that though.

First, conservatives used to be all about personal freedom and privacy. Unfortunately those values appear to have fallen entirely by the wayside in favor of an invasive social agenda and a pro-corporate attitude. I am left wondering where all those freedom-loving privacy advocates went though – apparently they just disappeared…

Second, the real-world conservatives I know (not politicians or pundits, but actual voters) tend to be corporate worker bees or blue-collar types. Are they really going to continue to be happy as the government they elected makes their life suck more and more? Precious few corporate workers or blue-collar workers like their employers, much less trust their employers. Are these people going to continue to re-elect conservative politicians who assist these unliked and untrusted employers in their quest to control the lives of voters?

I guess we’ll see. As time goes on our freedoms are eroded little by little. Not by the government per se, but by the corporations that pervade our everyday life and who appear to control the government on their behalf.

Yet again, welcome to the cyberpunk future.

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