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 Monday, 17 January 2005
Monday, 17 January 2005 19:50:07 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )
This morning it was -47 F. Now it is -1 F. Either one is just plain cold. Of course this morning we were about 14 miles south of the Canadian border near Lake of the Woods, and now we are back home in the Twin Cities. I very much doubt it got to -47 F down here in the balmy south-country of Minnesota :-) This has been one of the strangest winters in a long time. We still have virtually no snow here in the Twin Cities. You have to drive at least an hour north to get real snow. That's nuts! We had a brown Christmas, one of just three that I can recall in my lifetime. And it has been warm. Sure it has been cold this week, but it was warm all through December and into January. I leave it to the weathermen to track the stats, but this is just plain odd...
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Tuesday, 18 January 2005 09:28:12 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
We didn't have any snow on the ground for Christmas, either (Sioux Falls) but its been daaaaaang cold lately. I heard MN hit -54 a day or two ago, Embarrass, MN maybe? Yikes.
Tuesday, 18 January 2005 10:26:59 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Wow! I thought our 22 F in Atlanta was cold. It is odd, we had close to 80 F last week.
Friday, 28 January 2005 18:39:52 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I really can't understand how anyone in their right mind could actually chose to live where it routinuely gets below zero. I live in the GA mountains and we get snow and have 4 seasons too; fortunately, each of our seasons only last 25% of the year. I guess all those years of playing football and subsequent injures doesn't help me cope with the cold. Anyway, it's strangle all over this year I guess.
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