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 Thursday, 12 June 2008
Thursday, 12 June 2008 12:17:33 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

I got the following email out of the blue:

First, let me start by asking you why you decided to share such information to the public. I am quite confused and the beings around me fear what shall happen if anyone who could cause me mortal danger knew.
Forgive me for not introducing myself, I am Illiante Michele Santellen. I am, what you call, a spirit walker. Please understand when I tell you that no one must know of me.

I came here for a reason. I am not sure why I am here. I have the strange and insane feeling that you can help me find my purpose. I know that Gaia is crying, she is falling apart, and the humans on her are the reason. I want to save her. I don't know how. If you know more about who I am, I would very much appreciate anything you have to share. I want to know my own secrets.
Thank you kindly
Iliiante Santellen

I assume it is a practical joke by friends - and if so I am amused :)

If it isn't a practical joke, then all I can do is recommend that the author of the email seek psycological help.

The term "Illiante" is fictional, created as part of a fictional world for one of my role playing games back in the early 1990's. Any association with it being "spiritual" is, of course, also entirely fictional, and relates to a gaming fantasy world.

Someday, when I retire from having a real job, I might publish the details of that fantasy world (and its associated diceless game system). Mostly because that'd just be cool, not because there's any money to be had in publishing RPG gaming materials...

I used the term for this blog, because it sounds cool :)   That, and I feel (as do a lot of people I'm guessing) like I sometimes live in more than one world.

We all tend to have different personas that don't mix. A work persona, a different one with family, yet another with friends. I know people who live very different lives at work and outside of work. I also know people that have such a strong non-work persona that it bleeds into any work persona (making them largely unemployable).

In this regard, I suggest that most people are an "Illiante" - not in any supernatual sense (unless they are a character in my gaming world) - but rather in regards to how they compartmentalize their lives between work, family and friends.

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Thursday, 19 June 2008 12:17:28 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
And after almost a year of silence, the posting itself is strangely otherworldly...

Sadly, I didn't concoct the referenced email, but applaud who ever did.
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