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 Monday, 05 December 2005
Monday, 05 December 2005 14:37:04 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

Here’s an example where the right and left have common cause


It is typically the right-wing fringe who are extremely pro-privacy and who are worried about government intrusion in private life. I used to work with one of these people – extremely right-wing. He even gave out fake social security numbers to protect his identity so the government couldn’t easily track him (which is what cost him his job). But his primary concern was privacy and keeping government intrusion at bay.


Yet here we have a case where basic privacy and the right to travel is being defended by a stereotypical left-wing group: the ACLU. And that makes sense, because (based on the information on the web site) this woman’s constitutional rights were clearly violated. The ACLU is all about defending the Bill of Rights (well, except for the second ammendment, but we have the NRA for that).


Just earlier today I went to my son’s school. My wife drove, so I had no wallet – hence no ID. To think that I could have ended up under arrest for traveling without my papers is un-American. Yet it would appear that we’ve drifted closer to Soviet Russia than to the ideals of the founding fathers – at least in Denver.


Time to wake up America! Oppression is right around the corner and both the left and right must join in common cause to protect our freedoms!

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