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 Wednesday, 15 December 2004
Wednesday, 15 December 2004 08:26:14 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

I travel quite a lot. In 2004 I traveled about 45% of my time, flying all over the US and once to Amsterdam.

In all this flying, I used the airport bathrooms many times. I know, that's not something you really wanted to think about, but it is salient.

The thing that amazes me is that guys use their cellphones in the bathroom. Not just while in the bathroom, but while taking a piss! I've heard guys having important business conversations, or talking to their wives while busily peeing away...

One can assume that other people originated the call, and the poor guy is just stuck there at the urinal and for some unfathomable reason actually answers the phone.

But the worst was yesterday. A guy originated a call to his little daughter while whizzing away. “Hi honey! How was your day at school? Do you have any homework? Where am I? I'm in the airport on the way home.”

Now I try to put the best spin on people's actions, but frankly this was pretty sick. One can only hope the guy doesn't have some super-dark near-criminal fetish that drove his choice to call his daughter with one hand while holding his wanker with the other. But it sure does make a person wonder...

I figure he was just an idiot.

Now this morning my alarm goes off. My alarm is NPR. NPR is running a report about the airlines and their quest (presumably due to pressure from consumers) to get approval for people to use their cellphones during flights.

Now we'll have the “joy” of listening to people's random, loud and typically annoying conversations for hours as we fly. And it will be inescapable, since these people will be all around. In front, behind, beside.

I have noise-canceling headphones. They cancel the ambient noise of an airplane, but do very little to dampen the human voice. They allow me to listen to music at a level that doesn't damage my hearing, but now I'll have to crank the volume to block out the cellphone users surrounding me so I don't have to hear their inane conversations with co-workers, spouses or children.

But at least they won't be in the bathroom. Talking to their daughter. Geez!

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