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 Sunday, 25 September 2005
Sunday, 25 September 2005 23:54:54 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

On Sunday there was a pro-war demonstration in Washington DC as a counter to Saturday's massive anti-war demonstration. And that's fine, people can be for or against death, life, liberty, self-determination, occupation or whatever they choose.

In fact that is at the absolute core of the American way of life.

So why were these pro-war demonstrators calling for the arrest of the anti-war "traitors" as described in this article?

Are the pro-war demonstrators really ready to disregard one of the most fundamental values of America? How can they claim to be in favor of spreading American values around the world when they don't even want to support those American ideals here at home?

Obviously they don't really like their own nation. They don't like what America stands for. It is obvious that they blame America for allowing such rampant free speech and firmly believe that dissenters should be arrested and locked up. Though they claim to support the troops that are fighting for our freedoms, they obviously would be much happier if those same soldiers were over here ensuring that dissenters were prevented from freely speaking their minds.

Thankfully these pro-war radicals don't speak for the majority of Americans. Most Americans, I believe, support the fundamental concept of freedom of speach and expression - even if that means people might express opinions and views with which they disagree. This was made abundantly clear this weekend when we saw massive turnout for the anti-war demonstration and a meager few hundred people show up in their pro-war attempt to attack core American values.

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