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 Wednesday, 08 June 2005
Wednesday, 08 June 2005 21:31:39 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

I have been relatively quiet of late - both on this and my professional blog. This is largely due to a whole cascade of deadlines occuring in the span of a couple weeks, coupled with non-stop travel and culminated by my primary desktop machine's hard drive (and probably motherboard) failing right before I had to fly to Orlando to speak at the largest Microsoft conference in the world... Oy!

So I flew to Orlando and spent the weekend rebuilding the demo that was lost when the machine crashed. Sure I have backups, but not up-to-the-second ones. So my work in progress, which happened to be the demo for my session on Monday, was lost. The second time around it was far better, since I was able to rebuild it based on knowledge gained in the first run. But it still caused great stress and pretty much ate up my weekend leading up to the Monday presentation.

In the end all was well. The presentation went very well and (though Tech Ed is not over) is one of the highest rated sessions of the conference. My demo worked wonderfully on stage (which is good, since it crashes periodically otherwise - presumably due to my use of beta software...) and life was good.

Today I flew back from Orlando to discover that a storm came through last night and took down a nearby power pole. Well actually the storm took down a tree, and the tree took down the pole, but you get the idea. The end result is a dark house. Not quiet though, since the kids were home :)  Obviously now there is power, as my server is up and I'm typing this - joy!

Tomorrow my task is to figure out the quickest way to get my primary machine back online so I can get to work on my next book. Not my Business Objects books - that's for later. Rather this is a book focused on a different (somewhat competing even) approach. Not everyone likes to use objects, so I figured it couldn't hurt to cater to the non-object audience as well.

Before flying to Orlando I'd purchased a replacement hard drive for my machine. But the system won't correctly recognize it, which leads me to believe that the motherboard is in trouble (that, and the fact that some of the USB ports quit working, and the 2.0 ones became 1.0). So I'm thinking a new machine is in order at this point...

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