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FCC curtailing free speech?



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 Thursday, 03 March 2005
Thursday, 03 March 2005 09:06:12 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )
It appears that soon we won't be able to blog about politics anymore. The FCC is creating regulations (due to existing law and a law suit forcing the issue) that will somehow monitize our links to political candidates, our praise of said candidates and any other political speech we put online.
Obviously this is absurd and needs to be stopped. Otherwise the only way to get any political information will once again be through the mainstream media. Not that I have anything against the media necessarily, but they only have so much space for the op ed page, while the blogsphere provides an infinitely large op ed page - and that is simply better.
But more importantly, is the government really going to say that we can't exercise our right to free speech in the area of politics? Are they going to make the primary reason we have free speech moot?
Years ago when I took my first trip to Europe my parents asked me what it was like being in a place where I wasn't protected by the Constitution. At this rate they won't have to leave the US to find out...
Update: Here's some more commentary from Boing Boing.
I very much doubt that McCain or Feingold intended their law to be used as a censorship tool. Personally I tend to think that this is an effort on the part of anti-reform people to use the FCC actions to force a rollback of some of McCain-Feingold. I guess time will tell.
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