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 Monday, 11 April 2005
Monday, 11 April 2005 15:33:07 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )
I am 5 weeks into 6 weeks of continual travel. I'm in the middle of 48 hours of time at home before I fly off again and I can't even relax because I know it is so short. I usually try to protect my weekends from travel, but it doesn't always work. In this round of travel it hasn't worked well at all, and so several weekends have been eaten up by events and/or sitting in airplanes.
This last weekend was fun though, as I got to spend time with friends in Boston. We toured the USS Constitution, which was very cool! We also played a few games, including Steve Jackson Games Illuminati, which was a lot of fun and is now on my list of things to get.
I have just one more trip this week and then I have several days of non-travel during which I can work on my lagging book projects and possibly even work on some fun stuff like the next generation of my CSLA framework or on Mordecai. Or the mounting stack of comics waiting to be read. Maybe I'll even have time to play with the kids.
Mostly though, I just want to enjoy the spring air while sitting on the deck and and watch the new leaves grow as our trees wake up from winter.
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