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So much for Battlefield 2142...



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 Tuesday, 17 October 2006
Tuesday, 17 October 2006 22:28:51 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )
This sucks. I was seriously looking forward to Battlefield 2142, and if this blog post is correct I won't be able to buy it.

It is bad enough for them to include product placement and commercials in a game for which I pay a ton of money. Which is, btw, to say that if they gave the game away I wouldn't complain about some ads (Though I still might not play the game if the ads were too annoying. It is worth noting that I don't watch television shows unless it is on Tivo or DVD - or I'm trapped in a hotel room and am using the TV as background noise.)

But for me to spend a huge amount of money to buy a game that is going to advertise and spy on me is entirely unacceptable.

And that sucks, because otherwise this looked like a rocking good game that I was planning to buy tomorrow...

Update: it maybe isn't quite as bad as it originally sounded. According to this article, they are not collecting cookies or browser history, just your IP address. Since every web site you ever visit records your IP address, this is pretty much a non-issue.

It still bothers me that I'm paying a huge amount of money just so they can advertise to me, and I think the price of the game should be reduced due to this. The model should be more like magazines, or newspapers, where the subscription price covers the cost of delivery, and advertising covers the cost of the actual content.