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 Saturday, 23 July 2005
Saturday, 23 July 2005 11:42:16 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) ( )

My good friend J.C. has the hobby of collecting arcade games. The real things too – cabinets and all.


Years ago he and I sunk countless quarters into a game called T-Mek, which I still consider to be one of the best arcade games ever created.


Last week while I was camping north of Winnipeg my cell phone rang. This surprised the heck out of me, because I use T-Mobile and they have really, really bad coverage outside of major metro areas. But there I was in a campground an hour outside of Winnipeg with my phone ringing. So I answered it and it was J.C. – who happened to be in Missouri at an arcade auction.


He’d found three T-Mek games, one of which was in quite good shape. Fully functional and with the cabinet entirely intact.


Now T-Mek is a big game. Each cabinet is for two players, and you sit down inside the thing. Each player has their own seat, monitor, two joysticks, speakers and a subwoofer set into the seat to get a serious rumble going as you play.


I’ve always wanted a T-Mek game. And here was a chance, because J.C. was willing to buy it for me and bring it back. My wife and I talked at length about it, but ultimately there’s just no physical room in our house for something this big. Oh sure we could make room, but that would mean me losing half my office, or her losing half her office. Not good. Or we could lose our library, but then we’d have to find somewhere else to put our many, many books. Not practical. We could move the kids back into a common room (they each have their own today), but that didn’t seem like a great idea either.


So ultimately I had to decline.


However, as the auction proceeded no one bid on the T-Mek game. It got down to $25 and was about to be dropped when J.C. bid. And he got it too – uncontested! So now he’s the proud owner of a fully functional T-Mek game. Luckily he does in fact, have room for such a game in his house.


Last night we had a bonfire – just a social gathering for us and as many of our friends as could make it. Which was a good number and we had a great time – though Rick’s girlfriend declined to come, questioning the wisdom of having a bonfire when the evening’s low temperature was around 90 degrees. She might have a point there…


Anyway, J.C. still had the T-Mek console on the trailer from the drive back to Minnesota, so he just brought it over. And we played game after game of T-Mek in my driveway with the game sitting on a flat bed trailer. Ahh what a great time!! Sometimes it is great to be a geek!

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